Mobile and Web Development

In the past, businesses could garner new customers with some advertising and a listing in the yellow pages. In this digital age, however, no business can experience successful growth without a web presence. The average technology user spends more than two hours every day on mobile apps to access the information on the internet. For professional organizations, the do-it-yourself approach is simply not good enough.

Businesses that successfully update their online presence reap the benefits of unprecedented access to their customers and clients. To take proper advantage of mobile and web traffic, your website and apps must be dynamic and responsive. ArcInfo can remove all of the uncertainty of establishing or updating the face of your business on the web with our systematic approach and highly trained developers.


Our comprehensive approach to Web Development is structured and comprised of five branches: Design and User Experience, Research and Discovery, Testing & Implementing processes, and Follow-up Support.

ArcInfo's Web Development Approach

At ArcInfo we can assist your company with any of your web development needs from simple WordPress sites to complex web applications.

Simple Sites

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Simple eCommerce (e.g. WooCommerce)
  • Template Driven

Complex Sites

  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise Web Solutions
  • Highly Customized Corporate Sites
  • Robust eCommerce Solutions

Web Development Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstsrap
  • Responsive Design
  • Node.js
  • Angular.js
  • User Authentication
  • MySQL
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Ruby
  • Net
  • Python
  • AJAX


Responsive Mobile Web Design & App Development

Statistics on web usage prove that more people than ever before are using mobile devices as a portal to information they once searched for on a laptop or desktop computer. It is essential to factor this into your web design concerns and your plan to keep up with the current technology. App design must be dynamic and responsive and above all, user friendly. The ArcInfo team possesses all the tools necessary to bring your company into the app game.

The best news about this change in web use is that access from a mobile device provides you with some essentially free marketing via location services and how search engines are dealing with mobile queries. With a quality app for your business, you will be in perfect position to take advantage of these helpful aspects of the mobile web revolution.

To take advantage of mobile web traffic, your website and apps must be dynamic and responsive. They must be easy to use and navigate, anticipating the information users need most and delivering that to them quickly. We take this into account when developing your web presence and always make changes to your existing site or factor into our initial design the concepts of efficient, easily loading, quality information that is accessible across a variety of mobile devices. We also make the information and services you provide enticing to users, taking into account the way users feel about the things that they see.


Technology marches on, and today more people access web content including shopping via their mobile devices. This can seem intimidating to traditional businesses, but comes with the added benefit of your customers and clients always having your business at hand or in their pocket. If you need assistance optimizing your current website for mobile viewing or want an app developed to allow your customer base easier access to your services, Arcinfo can help.

Building apps is not like building websites. It requires a special skillset that relies very heavily on the user experience and visual layout of information. It is essential that an app be easy to use and entice the user to repeat their experience, increasing your traffic.

If you consult with Arcinfo for all of your web design needs, we will seamlessly consider and discuss your mobile presence with you during the process. If you decide that you wish to proceed with having us build you a user friendly app to broaden your reach, the process is the same as with our web design [link to web design page].

As with our web design services for conventional websites, we will implement extensive testing for your app and allow you to see how it works in real time before we consider the job complete.


ArcInfo is able to produce mobile applications for the following platforms:
iOS (iPhone & iPad)


ArcInfo is able to use the following technologies to broaden your mobile web presence:
HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Mobile App Development Approach

The process of developing mobile apps is complex and draws from a variety of fields outside those purely technical in nature. Choosing ArcInfo as your web design specialists means you will have access to a team rich in all of the skills necessary to develop an app with the most impact possible. These fields and skills include:


  • Research into users and audience
  • Requirements and Gap Analysis
  • Clear and thorough definition of the scope of every undertaking



  • App Screen Design
  • Wireframing
  • Defining Use Cases and Workflows
  • Prototyping



  • API Development
  • Server-side Framework
  • App Programming



  • Multi Device QA
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Back-End QA
  • Usability QA



  • Submit to Stores
  • Deploy to cloud server