Data Solutions and B.I. Reporting


With ArcInfo B.I. services, your company gains access to a proven process of data analyzation that generates an action plan to guide you to greater success. We handle BI through the gateway of technology and utilize a host of tools and methods to extract valuable information from your systems as well as outside sources. We prepare it for analysis and create visual guides and reports to illustrate our suggestions as well as the data itself. Your management team and employees can then understand the big picture and implement winning strategies accordingly.


Too much information can be a bad thing if it isn’t properly organized in a way that you can access it and apply it to your business structure. To put it simply, we will manage and analyze your data effectively to make it work for you. You describe to the team either your goals or the specific information you need to move forward and we will sift through and identify the parts and pieces of the data in your systems and provide it to you in a usable format. Stop wasting time sorting through all of your data management systems or paying employees to focus on that when they have other tasks at hand. ArcInfo employs experts to do this at optimum efficiency for you.


Everyone learns differently and it is never more important to have information in an easy to understand layout than when it comes to your business. You have spent time and money gathering data or implementing systems to gather it for you and we can put it into whatever charts, diagrams or reports that you find most appealing. If you aren’t sure what you want or need, we can interface with you to identify what will be the most useful format for you to review the results of our data management in. Perhaps most importantly, we have the ability to make these charts and reports available to you remotely and in mobile format. If you wish, you can then digest them outside of normal business hours or during a multi-tasking lunch or meetings. Make it easier to consult with all of your colleagues and employees through having your information securely accessible from any location.

The convergence of these two parts of our data management and BI reporting is where the value lies. You will get all of the information you need to move forward without wasting time wading through it all and figuring out how to put it into proper format. Once this information is available, the possibilities are endless. Use it for grant writing, funding, reporting to shareholders or business partners and to share with your creative and technology teams.


We are experts at the methodology and technology necessary to build the data management and reporting systems that address the needs outlined above. Our expert team works with all of the following systems.

  • Filemaker-pro
  • MS-Access
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power
  • Looker
  • Domo
  • Many More…


We live in a customized world and people like to have what they need tailored to them. ArcInfo understands this and we know how to build you reporting databases and applications that are entirely unique to your needs and services. Don’t try to fit in when you were meant to stand out. Work together with us to create the perfect tools to help you be more successful than ever.

We are experts at the methodology and technology necessary to build the systems you need. Some needs are less complex and can be handled quickly with applications like Filemaker-pro or MS-Access. Other situations are more complex and require relational functioning databases like SQL Server or MySQL. It may become necessary to understand coding languages like Java, ASP or VBA. Leave all this technology to us, we are proficient in all of these systems and programs.



  1. Outdated reporting systems that no longer provide the information you need to grow your business.
  2. A wide net approach that catches so much unnecessary information it becomes unmanageable.
  3. Technological difficulties with software upkeep, upgrades, and internal issues like bugs and malfunction.
  4. Outgrowing your current systems will leave them woefully inadequate to your needs. We can help you scale or upgrade anything you’re using that isn’t working for you.

If these issues and concerns sound sadly familiar to you and you’ve grown frustrated, consider these ways in which we can help:

  • Real time, user friendly BI reporting.
  • Data reporting interfaces that you can learn and maintain with information input.
  • Effectively manage data from a variety of formats such as CSV, HTML, Excel and TSV and import and export seamlessly between these formats.
  • Utilize application programming interfaces to migrate data from internal applications.
  • The ultimate in customization and ease of use: drag and drop management of your data to create reports in whatever format you require.
  • Charts, tables, diagrams, spreadsheets and other professional data formulas are second nature to us.
  • Queries are the driving force in modern data management. We can implement this procedure and write code as needed in the following languages: SQL Server, Oracle, ANSI SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Infomix and PostgreSQL.
  • Creation of necessary web APIs to interface and communicate with applications for your business.
  • The mobile access you need to communicate your data, ideas and goals with business partners and valued employees as well as potential funding sources.
  • Ability to embed reports directly in your web applications.
  • The ultimate in security for your data and strategy.
  • The ability to scale and upgrade your systems as needed to make this a reward for growth and not a nightmare or headache.