Staffing & Consulting Services


Staffing Process
  1. We personally show up to your employment site or business to provide you hands on analysis of your corporate structure, your methods, and give our opinions on your workplace functionality.
  2. Once we have seen your workplace at work, we enthusiastically engage you in a Q&A/brainstorming session to answer as well as pose questions about your methods and productivity.
  3. After our comprehensive on-site review, we will reveal our strategies for improving your efficiency, accuracy and professional precision though technological enhancements, additional staffing, or training and engage in discussions with you about the feasibility and methodology of implementation.
  4. We are able to provide well rounded and complete services to you such as onsite and offsite support establishing new resources and software systems. Our team of CPA certified accountants are available to review your financial and accounting data to ensure it is accurate and being handled efficiently by your accounting staff.